Saturday, May 26, 2012

Built in a barn

Okey-dokey here's a project I just finished up.
And the reason for the barn title , as most of you probably know I do work in what amounts to an old barn.  Now don't get me wrong I love it....I like to think that maybe someone else will see this and realize that you don't have to have all the latest tools in a fancy shop to make things.
And while my work may not be considered perfect. I like to think it gets the job done , and anyway if perfection is all your looking for there's lots of manufactured goods out there that will fit the bill.


  1. nice chairs and glad to see a's been awhile.

  2. Interesting design, I have made benches using a similar design but used 4x4 inch square timber. Can you tell us in bit more detail about what joints you used and how they hold up over time. Especially the feet meeting the legs.

  3. Sean, I take no credit for the design. That would be a conoid by the late George Nakashima. As far as the joints I would call them both bridal joints more or less.

  4. Mr. Comer that is why I read your blog in the first place, I really enjoy your work and your laid back approach to woodworking and life in general.