Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ok so I went with a friend of mine a week or so ago to visit with chair maker Curtis Buchanan.

Curtis is truly a master chair maker but I think the thing I admire most is that he has managed to make his living working at something he truly loves. I admire his lifestyle as much as his chairs, but anyway while we were in Tennessee I picked up a few pieces of walnut. This is a couple of spoons I have made so far from that wood.

by the way the spoon in the middle is from a piece of birch the same friend gave me.


  1. Matthew, thanks for posting pictures of you new spoons. Nice knife work. I'm enjoying how you carved the finial on the walnut spoon such that it looks like a leather strap could be threaded through. This is a nice touch. The finial is an area that I feel I could improve on. Did you drill a hole first?

  2. Thanks Will,you are right that is what i had in mind when i caved the hole. i just had not put a piece of leather in yet. yes i did drill a small hole first.