Monday, November 30, 2009

This is a white oak rocker I made from a huge log destined for firewood.

The back legs have been steamed and bent into a double bend for comfort.
It has been fumed with ammonia to give it the dark color like the old arts and crafts furniture.
It has a hickory bark bottom. Sorry the picture is not too good. Price $1500.00


  1. Glad to see your blog, Matthew. Beautiful chair. The curves look very comfortable and I love how you've left the natural riving of the grain in shape of the rungs -- strong and pleasing to the eye. Nothing better than a hickory bark seat too! The fuming looks great. Something I've been meaning to try sometime, but never have. Did you just make a small tent and put a bowl of ammonia inside with the chair?
    Dave Fisher

  2. Wonderful chair Mathew and nice to see you blogging. Great to see your workshop too, look forward to more.